How to explain a Christmas in a place I hate, with someone I love dearly, watching a painful experience for her, and her dad, it is a very difficult time for them and for me. You watch and try to help, you decorate the tree, you make enchiladas without meat, which they all tease you about, and who cares about that stuff?

The real story is a twenty four year old girl turned woman, removed from her life on her eighteenth birthday in a tragic accident, never to return. She lives on this planet, she breathes and takes nourishment and walks with her family in a very special wheelchair on these sunny strange Christmas days. It is heartbreaking to witness, to live in a room where she is present 24/7, to see her pictures and photos and know she will never be there again. Most of all, her father has dedicated himself to her wellbeing, and cares for her with the help of some trusted people.

If I had to say which makes me feel worse, I’m not sure. Probably that she cannot breathe very well, all of a sudden, and sounds so terribly congested. But then I watch him take charge and spend his life caring for her, never complaining, happy that she is alive.

CHRISTMAS NIGHT ROSE 002 (640x480) (2)

This year, after all the cold snap, one amazing rose remained in his garden. It was a miracle rose, huge and bright orange, what a surprise. So we concentrated on that, natures little blessing to be thankful for, along with each other. How do you deal with a life you cannot control? I guess the answer is we don’t really control anything, so you take it day by day, minute by minute, and laugh your ass off when there’s a good reason.

That’s what we do, it has saved us every time.