The last hours
and minutes
linger before
some magic begins:
a full moon
in Aries,
the end of Summer
the advent
of Fall…
that’s all,
just a steamy pile
of circumstances
converging as
the months of
strange weather
and weird events
pull up short
and gasp a last
releasing me
to the future,
what should
occur and what
will, maybe overkill
to wonder at this
point, the path
is taken
the direction
forsaken in skewed
points of light
with truth or
dare as the daily
fare, and people
dropping like flies,
jumping ship
moving to Vegas,
disappearing just
when I need them,
so as my mother says
it is meant to be,
(figuring it all out
on your own)
always alone
but maybe not,


©J.W.WINSLOW 10/1/10