There’s not a minute to spare when Dyanna Falconer returns to the coast of Big Sur with her fabulous lover in tow, and finds the world has changed forever. Potent Esalen leader John Soaring Meadow is in dire straits, and the ranch has to be reclaimed from the disastrous fires that destroyed much of the forest. Life has moved forward during her enchanting secret connection with Stephan Hawk, and he fires her heart despite past promises and future obligations. They have bonded forever.
A parade of exotic cars cannot turn Dyanna’s head back to movie king Jacob Walnut, but she must help with the recovery of Belinda, who has been rescued from the wolves of danger and madness. Duty calls her to Los Angeles, and a film she has promised to write, but the passion of Hawk brings her home. Their lovemaking is notoriously intense, against the background of a new home, the appearance of architect Gabriel West and the biggest surprise of all for the wild blond beauty of Big Sur.
Murder, intrigue and mystery carry Dyanna into a new dream, bound for glory.
You will never believe what’s in store, so be prepared to dive into the mystic dreams of Big Sur!
It’s a one way ticket to paradise!


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You will also find Belinda (Mystic Adventures in Big Sur) at:

Whole Foods, Monterey, CA | Grove Market, Pacific Grove, CA
Nepenthe Big Sur, the Phoenix Shop, CA | Local Color, Big Sur, CABookworks, Pacific Grove, CA | Pilgrims Way, Carmel, CA
Museum of Monterey, Monterey, CA
Carmel Bay Company, Carmel, CA | Kirby’s Kollectables, Fair Oaks, CA
Shirley’s Herbs, Studio City, CA | AMAZON * BOOKMASTERS

Belinda Review by Joanna Brauer
For The Salinas Californian

The sights, sounds, and ambiance of the ethereal environs of Big Sur are foremost in the story. The author obviously knows and loves the territory well: she herself is an enviro-artist, writer, painter, blogger and TV personality. The “Mystic Adventures” are quite possibly semi-autobiographical!

Audience: anyone interested in the idyllic life, Eastern philosophies, Zen; Gestalt therapies, life close to the Earth and nature; fresh air and the beautiful Big Sur coast.

Signing event: Gala at the Henry Miller Memorial Library, Big Sur, 3 p.m. to 5 p.m., Sunday, July 10

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Monterey County Weekly Article by Walter Ryce

Rave Review!

J.W. Winslow, author of the three-part romance and intrigue novel series Mystic Adventures of Big Sur, brings back the adventurous heroine Dyanna Falconer for a fourth installment (of seven planned), titled Belinda. The daughter of a Hollywood character actor, Winslow grew up in proximity to production crews, screenwriters and movie stars, plenty of inspiration for a “captivating and suspenseful tale of murder, intrigue, mystery and passion in settings from the provocative streets of Beverly Hills to the rugged shore and forests of the Big Sur Coast.” You can find the book (which may contain adult situations, if you know what I mean) at local bookstores, and at Whole Foods.

Click the link to read the article at the Weekly: Belinda Review