Sensual Indigo

SENSUAL INDIGO is a renaissance journey, a work in progress. It happened while I was living my life and writing another book. Suddenly, these pieces came through my mind and onto the pages, often pushing aside all other thoughts. The title simply followed.

Indigo is the color of the sixth energy chakra of the body, definitive of the third eye or the subconscious. It is an exquisite, variable shade of blue, difficult to mix and nearly impossible to create in the same value twice. Indigo has been used for many centuries as a permanent, vital color, revered for its immutable quality.

Once it has touched the cloth and the receptacle, they are altered forever!

Come into SENSUAL INDIGO and mix the shade you like for the journey. Perhaps the subsequent sensual excursions will be in different hues as you explore and wander with me.

The secret journal of a modern artist …
(Memoir of a Renaissance Woman)
by J.W. Winslow

178 Pages, 24 frameable original art pieces
Pewter Wire-O Open Binding for “Coffee Table Display”
The secret journal of a modern artist, written in prose, prayers and parables. Limited first edition signed and dedicated by the author.

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