The Arrangememt

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The world of DYANNA FALCONER has changed immensely with the birth of her daughter LILY-JADE and the terrifying kidnapping they experienced. Now she labors diligently on ENDLESS LOVE, the fabulous film developed by producer JACOB WALNUT, and delayed by DYANNA’S pregnancy and birth. She is anxious to begin work on the project, but STEPHEN HAWK wants his wife at home!

UMA is grumpy as she recovers from a bad fall and broken shoulder, while HAWK and GABRIEL labor over the new clinic for children in BIG SUR. JOHN SOARING MEADOW watches his pregnant lover GINGER grow more ill by the day. Something is wrong there, very wrong.

DYANNA introduces UMA to her friend PABLO LAHNA who works at Big Sur’s ESSALEN Institute, and once convinced film star KEVIN STONE to change his life. JOHN SOARING MEADOW admits that GINGER is in bad shape and needs some help. She has refused any care for nine months, unbeknownst to the family!

So begins the wild ride of DYANNA and her family, with the sale of the ENDLESS LOVE script to the crack team of SIN CITY filmmakers. HAWK and UMA arrive at GINGER’s bedside to find her in dire straits, unable to speak! They transfer her to the new clinic site immediately, where she will have the best care.

BELINDA remains at the WALNUT mansion in Los Angeles, after meeting attorney BRIAN SHOUPE. They become lovers immediately and she moves in with him. SLOW DOVE returns to Big Sur with DYANNA, fully aware that his first love has moved on.  And now, the SIN CITY deal highlights DYANNA’S talents and she asks for special “points” in the deal!

HAWK is furious with DYANNA for traveling to SO CAL while he and UMA attend to GINGER. They deliver a tiny son, just before her death. It is a bitter pill for JOHN SOARING MEADOW, as he names the boy MEADOWLARK.

DYANNA meets with the SIN CITY guys and the WALNUT BROTHERS, asking for her share of the take on ENDLESS LOVE.  She feels the satisfaction of equality
with both partners. JACOB WALNUT smiles at the woman he loves (and cannot have).

JOHN SOARING MEADOW takes the body of GINGER and escapes to the wilds above the ranch. He buries her remains in a secret place, and leaves a fake trail behind. HAWK and GABRIEL go after him, knowing that the body is expected at the morturary in Monterey. HAWK is responsible to the County of Monterey and fears going back for a second round of prison.

THE ACTION ignites with DYANNA returning home, a dangerous chase of JOHN to his burial grounds, while SLOW DOVE begins plans for the big tribal celebration of LILY-JADE’s first birthday.  The wild lovers of HAWK and DYANNA come together, while BELINDA captures her new man for good. EVAN GALBRAITH honors his beloved GINGER at the celebration with new music and soaring guitar riffs. UMA carries the tiny MEADOWLARK, followed by DYANNA and LILY JADE! It is a spectacular event!

ALL OF THIS is wound together with the story of MAX, who was DYANNA’S mentor and dear friend. She goes back to the beginning in a reverie that will touch your heart and soul.