Wishing to fulfill her late cousin Louise’s dream, Dyanna takes her tiny daughter to meet the vile Anthony Bravano Jr. Under no circumstances will his family sell, setting the scene for a race to the end of two strong and gritty people.

Belinda soon arrives in Big Sur with her caregiver, and meets Slow Dove, who is a young Esalen artist. They begin to explore the desires of two vibrant teenage rebels, while John Soaring Meadow finds a love of his own. Watching the lovely Ginger Malone working in Uma’s gardens, he is awakened from a long denial of passion. Soon they are lovers, while next door in the second carriage house, Slow Dove is seduced by the wild Belinda. They are both virgins, but not for long. Meanwhile, Dyanna’s legal team of Jack Walters and Brian Shoupe are investigating the notorious Bravanno family, digging deep into the dirt. The family despises Anthony, and he must prove them wrong. He is a desperate man.

Dyanna begins her new life with writing the film of ENDLESS LOVE for Jacob and Teddy Walnut, while Hawk and Gabriel West plan a new clinic in Big Sur. When Bravanno demands Dyanna’s return, there is hell to pay for the lovely Lily-Jade and her mother. Racing down the coast to a blazing climax of kidnap and murder, the life of Dyanna Falconer is changed forever. Lily-Jade and her mother face the end of the road!

The Mystic Adventures in Big Sur are on fire!

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