Maybe this should be called the SECRET GARDEN, or better yet, the WILD GARDENER! Never intended to lay a hand on the effusive mess of amazing shoots that have grown into HUGE looming plants, but something called me out there. Getting ready for the first road show of my book tour, lots to do, but that was not my game.

When the sun comes out on the Monterey Peninsula, and better yet, in the FOG ZONE of Pebble Beach, you gotta get your body in the rays. Maybe my bones were screaming for more Vitamin D, although we had just returned from a very fast walk on the Wild Road. Too many tourists for June 1, but it’s their world too:)

One look at the chairs and lounge thrown over under the apple tree, during the trimming of the gigantic BIRD TREE redwood, and I was hooked. Where should I put this lovely relaxing furniture that nobody every uses? What about a secret little nook, and another in the kitchen garden? Off to the races. No gloves, no time to change, just jumped in and now my hands smell like this fabulous native geranium which threatens to take over the house.

It’s the perfect antidote to WORKING TOO MUCH!