As always,
it is the surprise
the uncertain
that knocks me
off my feet,
and so the grand
reveal of a new
book, the brilliant
cover art,
the pristine pages
the words appearing
as if by magic
when I know
exactly what
is coming next,
a birth without
but with pages
of a tale
wrapped in love
and fantasy,
the wiles of
the world and
sadness of time,
danger and
death, it’s
all there,
the picture
of a fantasy
come true
shining from
the presses,
still wet,
like a newborn
not quite
ready to handle,
but admire
all you wish,
for soon enough
you will be
out into the world
and we all know
after that, it’s
anyone’s guess,
the sweet smell
of success lies in
the first page
dedicated to


©J.W.WINSLOW 11/1/12