I was forced to face up to some tough choices in April, and flew into a tizzy about the confusion and hopeless mess of everything changing at once! Not sure why this happens, but it seems to come in spurts, or maybe PHASES is a better word? the muse doesn’t want me to get TOO happy, God forbid, so both my TV shows went down, (through no fault of my own), no production facility, to on-air guests, no blasts to remind the fans. NOTHING!
AMP Media
The first few days were kind of relaxing, I could feel my body chill out. I was sleeping like a baby, dreaming of peaches and cherry blossoms and savory men. Of course, the WINSLOW fireball came rolling back, and then I was alarmed. People were calling, and sending notes; WHERE ARE YOU? And better yet, where are your wonderful guests?

In the meantime, I dipped my toes into the world of fundraising for a wonderful project in the theater of the Museum of Monterey, where AMP media (public TV for the central coast and the WORLD) wants to broadcast live shows! Public invited, audiences culled from visitors to the area, friends, fans of the guests, you name it. Not to bore you, but that area is WAY harder than you would think. everyone who has money is constantly asked to “help out”, and the really big spenders have a system within the Grants area, which takes a genius to maneuver.

So today I find myself back on track with a new show coming soon, a new set and host: AMP MEDIA, who noticed my work a long times ago. We will be on the air on May 15th, but you must go to my website and see what the wizard has done:)

Lots of love,


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