Ya wonder where they
Came from,
Got their groove:
Listen up, hot
July day
EXILE smiling
From my mailbox
Jumping onto
The turntable
Sliding out
Of years ago
When they
Were so hot
And so young
Not afraid to
Try anything
Sure they
Could do it,
And the result
Is this nasty
Fabulous beat
Recorded in a
French basement,
Truly exiled
From Mother Brit,
They dig into
The blues, a very
Expensive garage
Band on the Riviera
High on life
And drugs
And local thugs
Who bring the
Color to the devil,
If you ever wondered
Why they are
Still around,
Listen up, kids:
Here are the seeds
Of great rock
And roll,
Smiling at you
From a new disc
And an ancient
Time steeped
In tight skinny
Pants and
Quick romance,
It was the way
Of the world,
They got it
Right, with a
Touch of sorrow
Plaintive in between
The beat, horns
Wailing, musty
Old walls reflect
The sounds of
The Stones,
Wishing they
Were home…

©J.W.WINSLOW 8/1/10