It was a ruse
in his
blatant way,
we had business
to do
(or so he would say)
and I have
how clever he
is at finding
his first
intention is
to roll fast
and hard,
find those
places like
an old graveyard
seamy dank
buildings and
pastures of green
anything goes
sight unseen,
for today was
the abstract
the country
the true facts
the writing on
the wall,
we cruised his
home town
and I almost
in disbelief:
where was the
the horses
the wheat,
instead we
buzzed buildings
high as the sky
giant fortresses
my oh my,
I was dumbstruck
by all that
has morphed in
the race, where
the Cowboy
is gone
and in his place
is a giant Mall
from outer space,
street after street
door after door
sign after sign
do you want more
or is it a lesson,
this trip that we
took, the short
snappy drive
for a break and
a look,
he revels in
showing how
far it has gone,
nothing is left
of where he
belongs, maybe
one trestle
one bridge
one old tower,
buried under
the glittery
shower: they
all look the same
these places
we saw, cut out
from magical
if you don’t
believe me
look for yourself
but be prepared
to safeguard your
health, the
newest, biggest
thing you might
see is the recent
lack of
our history!


©J.W.WINSLOW 7/1/12