I dreamed today
of a famous song
and a place that
shares that piece,
and I was up
there singing
with flavor
and release,
while down
in front were
all my friends
and enemies
as well,
never sure
just who they
are, it’s always
hard to tell,
and sitting
there beside me
the guitar
was the master
of my fate,
coming from
afar, he held
the neck and
slid his long
fingers down
the strings, very
much in tune
with me
and the song
I chose to sing,
So there we
were in harmony,
to embrace
the sounds
of Four and Twenty
with sensual
sweet grace,
I soared into
the heavens
just above
the Song,
and he
was soaring
with me,
right where
we belong:
hand in hand
heart to heart
joined together
with our art!


©J.W.WINSLOW 5/1/12