The spark of genius
is contagious:
submerge yourself
in deep music and
visual stories of
courage, watch
a sunset unexpected
and you are
connected to all,
the painter who
lives the true
gypsy life,
eschewing comforts
and fame
for the last
ray of light
that scene
which will
never come again,
the voices that
bleed out of
times on the road
it is a heavy load
to carry, always
wondering why
nobody notices,
but is that really
the point,
you are born with
the drive, the yen
to speak, begin anew
light up the sky
with music beyond
belief, so like a
thief in the night,
stealthily creating
despite what
they say, the
reward is sacred,
all yours to savor,
Rock on, angel
and hear the words
given across the wires…


©J.W.WINSLOW 3/1/11