Surely an
of peculiar
they arrived
at the appointed
time, seemingly
friendly enough,
not a hint or
a clue that
things could
get rough,
and I smiled
at myself
for being annoyed
even the slightest bit
after all, this
was my call,
I asked for the
sum of it,
so when they
began the work
to prepare,
I was not
inclined to
be aware,
trying to keep
things normal,
what a jokey/
hokey idea,
they were primed
for blood:
used to the clients
who stick in the
dig in their toes
when shocked
with a face
peering right through
the window case,
I suppose
they wear
white to assuage
your fears,
knowing that soon
you’ll be up
to your ears
and ready to scream
or escape,
nobody told me
how sure
and boldly
they would slide
their gear
into place,
(and ever so
cleverly take
over my space)
my brain and
my soul
soon out of control:
all of my goods
piled in the center
leaning and greening
while I would
run screaming
away to the beach,
so far out of reach
I could finally
breathe, wondering
how long it would
be till they leave,
trust me with this
there is no greater
bliss than watching
them drive away,
leaving behind
the gleaming sublime
pristine walls
a trumpet call,
you’ve had your
house painted,
and also been sainted:
awake and alive,
you’ve really


©J.W.WINSLOW 12/1/13