It’s famous for
a lot of things
the high rise
towers, the
churchbell rings
but truth be told
this summer day
there’s one big
thing they
NEVER say:
Jaywalkers rule
APPLE, bold
and quick
always snapping
up the slightest
chance to run
across against
the red and
steal a minute
in their stead,
while tourists
wait so patiently
it’s very simple
to perceive the
real Manhattanites:
they quickly
skip out
with flying feet
and suddenly take
flight from curb
to street,
they push between
the cars, and look
askance at the
rest of us
as though we
were from Mars,
so just remember
in your book
the guidelines
of New York:
watch for the
geniuses who
simply pop a
cork while
waiting for
the light to
change, they’re
to exchange a
minute for a
it’s called
the hustle
of getting there
without much
song and dance,
trust me when
I tell you this,
it won’t take long
for you to kiss those
mannerly goodbyes
and hop the train
to Jaywaker’s lane
and finally comply,
now you’ve become
one of them,
over and over
and over again 🙂

©J.W.WINSLOW 8/1/09