It was time to drive down the coast and take new books and trilogies to my vendors: NEPENTHE AND LOCAL COLOR! They have carried each new book, and now the TRILOGY is among the goods. It was a splendid day, whitewater and teal blue water, with a short wait at the road repair. They say it will be finished by Labor Day, but those guys have done an amazing job. The guardrail looks like it could hold a TRAIN.

So as a coincidence, here is a photo of a lovely woman named Jeanne Irwin, who is a fan and friend from way back. She is enchanted with Big Sur and worked with the fabled Margaret Owings many years ago. She also made the most beautiful box for me with a woman with flowers in her hair! Imagine that. In this photo, she has created a hat that won the big prize for a GALA in San Diego!

So enjoy her creations and your continued adventures in Big Sur!