They waited to
surprise me,
the fabulous
hiding beneath
the ground
for years, I have
never before
seen them in
the old garden,
but this summer
the apple tree
was fragrant
and bountiful,
roses flourished
from beyond the
overgrown bush
and earlier a
Calla Lily popped
up, leaving behind
sad wilted leaves,
so I assumed that
we were done,
and yearning for
the chance to
snatch a few of
those pink lilies
that grow in
abundant wild
here on the coast,
appearing by
chance wherever
they please, the
original pods were
probably loved by
the natives at
feasts of abalone
and fish,
my gift of the
first bloom was
there today,
gently reminding
me of true Nature,
not the fancy
or proposed,
but a secret
smile from beyond
in a moment
most needed,
now I cannot
wait until
tomorrow comes
and I awake
to the scent
of a blush morning,
racing with the
Hummers for the
first breath of


©J.W.WINSLOW 9/1/13