They wanted my
story, so to speak
kind of a sweet
idea, reciting all
the reasons I
landed in the
sands of Monterey,
adventured through
Carmel and salad
days, a lot of
romantic haze
pounding the
pavement of Cannery
Row, you know
that is a very famous
place, Steinbeck
did his job well, no
Grapes of Wrath here
only rusty towers
where sardines once
traversed the street,
I repeated these
juicy tidbits before
the blue screen,
sequestered away
on a Sunday,
in the back of a
museum where
they documented me
For all time,
all the rhythm
and rhyme, the
depth of my love
and fine wine of
emotion reciting
just how I got here
fearless, a chancy
express from the
doldrums of cowboys
and Arco arena,
how could you blame
me, suddenly set free
on the beach at sunset
watching the lights
twinkle on Wharf
Number Two, the
story of a new life
is all mine,
there for you see
along with the other
ninety nine …
DIVINE by degrees !


©J.W.WINSLOW 10/1/11