Standing at
the curb
beside my bag
packed up and
ready for the
Big Apple shag,
planning to
Knock ‘em Dead,
but Instead:
they screwed me
rolling the wheels
this big fancy
no flight
to be had
no seats saved,
it was kind of sad
they lost me in
the shuffle,
a last minute
blow off
in quite a tussle,
the only option
was to fly another day,
or more to the point,
whatever that
it’s pretty lonely
in a taxi at Dawn,
returning to the
house where I belong
secured at any cost,
wondering exactly
what I’ve lost,
but my my
it’s good to be Home,
with the sun blazing
over the hills,
while a bird sits inside
on the window sill,
he arrived when
I opened the door
ready to swoop
around and explore,
so I sat and watched
this brand new day
come to bloom
in a wonderful
way, and thought
to myself
this is what
I’d have missed,
suffering through
the airport Tryst,
grinding, running,
squeezing into a seat,
trying my best To find
something to eat,
watching the miserable
traveling souls
waiting for something
beyond their control,
So guess what I
did with my
newly found play…
I took it to mean
I was meant to stay
And plant the new bulbs
my mother sent
and walk the Wild Road,
(My magnificent
And splendid
best friend)
you just never
Know how
these things
will end.

©J.W.WINSLOW 6/1/10