So picture this:
the tall stalks
of Pampas grass
swaying, fluffy
heads spraying a
bit of puff in the
breeze, while one
guest after another
ties a ribbon on this
field of bright soldiers,
it is a ritual learned
from travels to exotic
lands, where they
announce arrival by
adding their talisman,
all the guests at this
party are unknown
to each other, it is
the natural way to
introduce people,
the perfect gathering
something to talk
about, beautiful
conversations and
controversial art,
each contributing
something to eat
or drink, or think,
shining on a sunny
day with the autumn
leaves at bay,
the baby rock band
all grown up,
playing Hendrix
knocking their sox
off, and at last the
Actress arrives, an
appropriate entrance
with flash and smiles,
she makes me laugh
after they are all
gone, staring at the
blisters on my toes
from those fancy boots,
who gives a hoot…
the house is full of
good energy, the remnants
of love and brotherhood,
controversy, music and
one last beautiful wedge
Of brie…
for me


©J.W.WINSLOW 12/1/10