Will you
make love to me
on this cold
and rainy day,
play with
my heart
tear me apart
take my breath
it’s one of
those times
when I’m
hungry for you
more often
than not
much overdue,
I’ve tried other
sung other songs
but somehow
I know this
is where I belong,
maybe it’s all
because you
are here,
so close
and so natural
as if to appear
as a pony in flight
hot and so ready
firing into the night
hang tough and steady,
we talk about
nothing, we have
no regrets,
so personally, Baby
that’s the best
thing yet,
no strings or rings
no ties that bind
nothing to fear
or left behind,
just a spark of
sticking to thee
come here and
love me,
and let us be free. 

©J.W.WINSLOW 12/1/12