Somethin’ strange
goin’ on here:
been dragged
over the coals
and revived,
slapped up
and written down
till I’m barely Alive,
the sun and
moon are just
soaring in
the Heavens
as I hightail
it home,
scurrying away
from the
strangest days,
people mad
at me
and then not,
never really
sure about
the plot,
weaving in
and out of
a silly game
it’s all the
same old
same old,
Truth be
told, seeing
my brother’s
best Friends
was a hoot,
photos of me
as a tiny little
Bee, was I ever
that shy,
surrounded by
the big boys
of High School,
at my own party
they sit and
listen to me
read my book
and speak my
lines, smiling
at the proper
and correct moment,
the time warp
has made a full
circle, kindness
returns, in a rerun
the boss man is
nice after all,
now it’s my call!


©J.W.WINSLOW 9/1/10