Seychelle Ann Curry is the end of the line in our family, the only grandchild of my mother, the only child of my brother, and my beautiful loving niece. Given the circumstances of her life, being struck down on her 18th birthday, it is doubtful that she will fulfill the prophesy of her birth, but we will always pray for a miracle to bring her back to us.

Chelle was raised by my brother Chris as a single parent, and you will never find a more proud and loving father. My mother jumped in and vowed to help teach her all the things little girls should know. While Chris worked to support them, Chelle’s grandmother surrounded her with love and care, showing her the myriad of duties that include good manners, shopping, a respect for the beauty of nature and of course, baking cookies. She made my mother’s life complete.

Chelle and Chris visited me in Carmel on their vacations, crowding into my tiny cottage together and walking to the beach every day. Chelle loved the ocean and found a special place we called CHELLE’S COVE, where she built entire cities made of sand and squealed when the tide rolled in and covered her creations.

We taught her to be strong and smart, to respect others and give of herself, and evidence of this was never more clear than those first awful days in the hospital when she was barely alive. The waiting room was jammed with friends and parents and schoolmates, some that we had never even seen, but all were people who knew and loved Chelle. She was generous with herself and her belongings, collecting a group of vagabonds who became dear friends.

I will not say that I miss Chelle, because she is in my heart and soul every day. I look forward to seeing her, regardless of the fact that she cannot speak to me, because I know somewhere inside those big bright eyes, she is there. Her life will not be wasted because it was taken away from her, because we will honor and love her always. We will find a way to teach others about what we have learned, that the spirit lives forever, and you never give up. Never.

She is a fighter, and a winner and wonderful young woman who was taken from our lives in a way we will never forget. We are grateful for justice to be served in this case, and thankful for all those who have helped and guided our family in a time too difficult to describe.

When I think of Chelle, she will always be playing at CHELLE’S COVE, surrounded by the light and roar of the sea. I like to think she is there now.

J.W. Winslow