In loving memory

It seems only fitting
that she would
at the strangest
hour, a run of
hot weather
a lack of rain
a perfect bellwether
for a time of pain,
but she was a spark
and knew what she
wanted, as a tiny
young girl,
hungry and
haunted by
life flips and
plane trips and
strange exotic shores,
she knew she belonged
where the hearts
sang her songs
and the love that
was waiting
would never be
so began
a story that
ran wild
and free,
to adventures and
friends, and family,
she wanted a ferret
but would have settled
for a flying bright truck
with streaming metal,
she shared her deep
heart with the shy
and obscene,
making a path
for the future,
watching her auntie
and stylin’ with charm
she reigned when her
prance was the
coolest disarm,
beautiful booty and
fabulous clothes
sporting ripped stockings
and black pantyhose,
she soaked up the books
from a loving Father



taking his lead
never to bother
with folks that had
airs, she wouldn’t
have dared to change,
but up close and
personal, within
your range,
she would look
in your eyes and
sweetly exchange
that engaging smile,
with a comical twist
how did that brain
come to exist, and
savor and grow
we might never

know, she took
all her secrets to
heaven, along
with a wardrobe
of fine dainty lace
and perfect smooth
skin on her
beautiful face,
she went out
alone, but don’t we all,
leaving no sad time,
no warning call,
but now there’s a light
that burns in the
room, where she
resides, defacing
the gloom,

knowing the
love that is
like no other,
once and forever
we discover
she will never
cease to exist,
the spirit of
Chelle, aglow
in the mists,
watching and
waiting alone
and debating,
to welcome
Us home.

©J.W. WINSLOW 2/1/14