Tell me which
you’re receiving
me on, is it quiet
and sultry, or
fuzzy and gone,
I’m trying my
best to live up
to the test:
long lasting
energy: the core
of the Human race
divided into Particles
that travel
time and space,
(kind of a miracle
when we come
face to face),
so I try to imagine
just how you see me
am I bold and inviting
on color TV,
does the smile that I
send become one
with you, or is it
some kind of
ridiculous blue,
you do understand
that I must take
your word, my life
could translate
as a feathery bird
take wing and resort
to any technique
to reach and delight
you, and hook up
the beat,
we really are one,
all of us who survive,
we must somehow
indicate being alive,
in a blur of synchronicity,
your duplicity
is certain, since
we are about
to open the curtain!


©J.W.WINSLOW 8/1/11