Snooty Ladies

The room was
jammed with
ultra top shelf
full of themselves
noses above
the  Common Line
so distinct and
very fine,
quite  divine, that air,
there was a time
when I would care,
cringe and creep away
what more to say,
empowered by the
thought of money,
it’s all that powder
and wealth, honey,
but soon I noted
not a smile, nor happy
pants , all worthwhile
instead the grim and
snippy stance,
without a cheerful
warming glance,
what  to do,
how can
one chew  and
spit out such
romance, without
a doubt
a  roundabout
was coming due,
and I just knew
the time had come
to leap upon the stairs,
race around the
arty bounds
and hide behind
the chairs,
I could not laugh
for fear they’d hear
and find me
snaking at crosshairs
upon the floor
and out the door,
never come back
never more,
all that past stuff
gone at last
I shall never
be aghast
at poor and mighty
simple folks,
different things
and different strokes,
I am sublime
just like this,
with a hug and
take your riches
take your charms
throw them into
Satan’s arms,
don’t  be afraid to own
your deeds,
the time will come
when you
will heed,
the seed is planted,
let it bleed!


Original Art