Today my new
Baby was born
and I celebrate
her shining
presence, not
as you would
suppose, she
is 382 pages
and very slick
all green parts
and words
from the heart
of Big Sur,
what a ride
it has been,
music from
New York,
art from the
Nepenthe genius
everything changing
from day to day
I cannot keep up
time to sink
into D. Matthews
he knows my
soul, not so much
Rock and roll,
more like a step
into the far
reaching universe,
“Do what you know”
he sings today,
“Do what you love”
and it is the way
of my world,
running upstream
unanswered dreams
oceanic schemes,
if nothing is what
it seems, then
what is it,
(just wondering)
while I cradle
Volume three
in my arms
next to me,
waiting for the
eyes of perusal,
there will be
no refusal of
this gait,
she is worth
the wait, I swear…
bounding across
the sea, she will
find the African
veldt, the tigers
and lions, the
shores of wild things
fingers reaching
out to all the sisters
and brothers,
finally the book
dedicated to my
favorite man,
my hero in secret
my friend,
to that end,
he will be surprised!


©J.W.WINSLOW 3/1/13