He joins me
in a cosmic
walking by
the sea
the master of
The Mermaid
just him and
me, by surprise
and fate
we are racing
along against
the wind, admiring
his fabulous abode,
the one I would choose
if able,
standing like a
queen on the shores
vines in the
courtyard, a hint
of water sounds
out from a fountain
unseen from the
street, it’s meant
to entice behind
the gate, perhaps
he peeks from a
shuttered window
engaged in some
quirky business,
he doesn’t tell
much, only about the
legacy, the wonderful
Mr. Morse back in 1926,
making rules for the fine
homes of the forest,
my companion knows
all this and more,
he sleeps in the room
facing the ocean
and dines at the table
of waves and mating
seals, banks of fog
rolling in over the
Pacific, he sits and
studies the tales
of the mermaid,
posting flags outside
while I walk by,
intrigued, yearning,
a heart burning for
the first visit, will
you ever see me
once I pass the doorway?


©J.W.WINSLOW 8/1/13