It comes together
like a dream,
the words on the page
are filled with
streams of descriptive
passages written
by someone else,
how could this story
have come
from myself,
it seems to describe
an Alien nation
a thriller in time,
a wild sensation
with sensual
passion and cool
edgy Fashion and
men making
movies, this world
is so groovy…
I wish I was there,
riding the waves
without a care,
page after page
the highs and lows
discovering my mind
many moons ago,
the pace of life
Unravels with
such sleek Device,
you can’t think twice
or look afraid
in agony for the
mistakes you’ve made,
when the lines
are printed
within the book
the world halts
when you take
a look,
(while you consider
suicide, or perhaps
withdrawing the
Wild Ride)
but that
with me,
it’s a vital part
of the mystery!


©J.W.WINSLOW 3/1/12