Woman sitting on a chair with a flowered border

Yes, there is a difference
Between the person
who creates
and the one
who permeates,
hard to say
which is
They each have
a larder
of dreams and
ready for the page
At any stage
or time
or place,
and the one
who was chosen
to write my story
of boundless glory
is a hard core
always in the know,
visiting first to
get the ideas,
delving into
secrets of the
often-shy author,
taking notes
and getting the
quotes perfect,
something rare
in that business,
you must agree
when it comes
down to just
you and me,
she slides into
place with a
simple tablet,
cleverly writing
as I speak,
given later
to a casual
while smiling
at every move
you make
in case there’s
a clue
to the real
inside take and
upfront view,
while adding
for after all
she is her own

a rocking
good artist
with many years
of hard work
and a few tears:
grinding away
day after day
but never asleep,
for she knows
how to keep
the soul alert
with the secrets
the snags
and the lovers…
with a personal
story of her own,
a casual trip
into her own zone
while this meeting
of minds,
each one
noticing changes,
more polished
and smooth,
and in the right
to display every
of the golden plum
until it is done,
and her time
to run
to the next
wild-ass story,
(centered in glory)
but she
leaves with
a smile
just meant
to beguile…
it was such
a good time,
just awaiting
the gift
of a newspaper lift,
two friends
and a cleaver

©JW WINSLOW 8/1/2022