Not sure when my slant on life began to slide toward the feminine. It has always been my way to support the women in my life, and come to think of it, they have guided my stars from the beginning. It was my glamorous Aunt who taught me how to dream a look, and take a chance. It was my mother who taught me to be stubbornly courageous,  and my grandmother who loved me back from all my tears, long ago. I believe it was my Paternal Grandmother who influenced me most, in a peculiar way, since I never met her. She was a rebellious strong woman who created a job for her family when there was none, who wrote columns for a famous newspaper and influenced those who knew her in an amazing fashion. She came from a sultry southern family, steeped in arts and libel, full of strong women and spicy dish. 


Now that I find the path to seek and enjoy the work of artists and other creative sources,  I am drawn to the bravado of those who take no prisoners. Sometimes I am shocked at what I see, and mostly in awe, because there is a separation between the leaders and the followers. For women, in particular, it takes someone who has nothing to lose to create that drive to rise above the crowd. When you see it, you know immediately that you are in for something special!

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The performance described in my WEBSONGS poem called ART MODEL was one of those shining times when I recognized a different kind of courage. It was unexpected, and breathtaking. I know I can do a lot of things if I put my mind to it, but she exposed herself visually as well as literally as to lay naked at your feet. That I don’t think I could ever do.


Maybe I am doing it now, by my unabashed homage. So go girl, every one of you out there, and give us a thrill. We deserve it.