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To say that this has been an interesting and exciting time in the history of FRESH ART and J.W. Winslow would be an understatement! We are in the midst of a MEDIA TOUR, which means live appearances and radio/TV shows to boot. It has been quite a stretch rising at 4AM for shows in the hinterlands of the Right Coast, the charming Midwest, the sexy south and parts in between.


So each month I publish a poem that reflects this life, which began many years ago with SENSUAL INDIGO, my first book. I wanted my friends and followers to understand the SET UP, which is a bit of a tale in itself. For those of you who are not yet on our HIT list, I have provided a copy of the WEBSONGS message at the top. I am finding that there are a lot of BIBLIOPHILES out there, those of you who love real books… the touch, the feel, the weight. This is a happy thing, because my MYSTIC ADVENTURES IN BIG SUR are hand assembled in Monterey, with all green sources: recycled paper, soy ink, special groovy glue:) ESCAPE AND ENJOY!