Gotta wonder today about the sanity of the world, walking on a beach that is totally empty, Saturday afternoon, where is everyone? HA, WELL YOU DON’T KNOW, DO YOU?

Unless you live here, the AT&T Pro Am golf tourney may not be a familiar event, but anyone local knows we are totally OVERRUN with the guests! Particularly if you live in “the forest” which is what we call Pebble Beach, you are quite aware of the preparations, beginning months ago.

The army of volunteers who assist at the tournament, which features celebrity golfers as well as the pros, is tremendous in their effort to make everyone feel comfy. Then there is the Pebble Beach Company staff and crew, all first rate folks, who attend to the every need of the visitors. By the time the games begin, early in the week, thousands of hours have been logged to prepare. It is QUITE A SHOW!

MEANWHILE, we hide out in unlikely places like home, use alternate routes, watch the news and play on TV! If you are like me, the golf course is your back yard, so just wake up and watch them tee off! I found several stray balls this morning on my usual garden tour, NO WORRIES, they missed the bedroom window:)


My answer to the BIG SHOW is to escape to my favorite place, BIG BLUE, the majestic Pacific, which normally is crowded with tourists. During the tourney, no tourists are allowed, since we are up to the HILT with bodies, so I am left to wander the KELP-RIDDEN SANDS alone, walk the boardwalk, wander SPANISH BAY, and slip home on the empty roads.

Best of all, I am happy to report a new CECILE BRUNNER, which has bloomed on schedule today, amidst the rain and wind, and golf balls and drought, WHO KNEW! Ain’t it grand?