It would seem
that the stage
is set
for a spectacular
stream of events
but don’t be
the golden rule
goes something
like this:
it all comes
in waves, the
good and the bad
depending on
whether you
are righteous
or sad,
the sadder you are
the worse it gets
the sneers are
saved for the
who slide past
the dreary
and stomp
on the weary,
for they can
be such a bore,
best to hang
with the winners
the ultimate sinners
they are so hard to ignore,
so remember to
smile when that
snapshot appears
even if you are
screwed up to your ears,
nobody likes
what everyone fears:
whining and crying
and crocodile tears,
the winner takes all
the wheel spins
alone, racing
around in the
enemy zone,
you gotta be
fast, you better
be quick,
to beat up
the blues with
a terrible stick,
the light will
remain, the
shadows will clear
and the world
will be better
without any fear,
take up the
flag, please do
not wait,
the angel of sorrow
is close to the gate,
now it’s your
turn to make
him a saint!


©J.W.WINSLOW 10/1/13